Joget DX - Certified No-Code / Low-Code Application Platform Now Available on Red Hat Marketplace

Announcing Joget DX on the Red Hat Marketplace

The Joget team is delighted to announce that Joget DX is now available as a certified product on Red Hat Marketplace. Built in partnership by Red Hat and IBM, Red Hat Marketplace provides a simpler way to access and manage trusted enterprise software.

Joget DX is a next generation open source application platform that increases speed to market and reduces total cost of ownership. The Joget platform is designed to empower citizen developers using a visual no-code approach, while allowing professional developers to extend and integrate the platform with low-code when required.

Combining the best of process automation, workflow management and rapid application development, users can visually build a complete application in minutes without coding.


When allied with the enterprise-grade security, responsive support, simplified governance and streamlined billing offered by Red Hat and IBM through Red Hat Marketplace, Joget DX can accelerate an organization’s digital transformation and citizen development initiatives.

Why Red Hat Marketplace?

With Red Hat Marketplace, organizations can discover, buy and quickly deploy certified software for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. OpenShift is the leading enterprise Kubernetes platform that allows applications to run anywhere (on-premise, public, private or hybrid cloud environments).

  • Makes it easier for organizations to manage software assets and licenses.
  • Developers can more easily discover and use popular, trusted software.
  • Procurement teams save time with streamlined price negotiation and license management.
  • With access to trusted software, IT leaders can reduce the risk of security and compliance violations, while giving developers speed and agility.
  • Business leaders can evaluate software performance and investment, with comprehensive monitoring and usage tracking. 

Products available through Red Hat Marketplace are certified for quality, performance, and security features. Each product is rigorously tested to meet enterprise standards and are supported by Red Hat and IBM.

Get Started with Red Hat Marketplace and Joget DX

To learn more about Red Hat Marketplace and Joget DX, check out the following resources:


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